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Behind the Brick: Corporal Clifford Adam Spohn III

Adam was known for his smile, the mischief in his eyes, and his enthusiasm. He loved adventure and serving in the military. Most of all, he loved his wife and his family.

by Amelia Hizer

April 9, 2007 was a heartbreaking day for those close to Corporal Clifford Adam Spohn III. Shortly after returning from a mid-tour leave visiting his wife and daughter, Adam, deployed to Iraq to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. During a devastating attack while patrolling the Anbar Province looking for insurgents, Adam lost his life.

Adam left behind his daughter Raynee and his wife Amanda. Despite this heartbreak, Amanda found hope with the news of an unexpected pregnancy.

“Shortly after Adam’s funeral, Amanda found out she was pregnant and gave birth to
Adam’s son. She named him Chance Adam Spohn,” explained Jim Crissinger, Adam’s father-in-law. “Amanda’s pregnancy was the only thing that kept a 25 year old military widow with a 3-½ year old daughter moving forward. Every time we look at our grandson Chance, I see his dad and that same impetuous smile.”

Adam’s impetuous smile was something that provided joy to both his family and friends. Crissinger said Adam was known for living life “at full speed ahead.” While his family came first, Ad-am was always ready for an adventure and enjoyed hot air ballooning, four-wheeling, visiting the shooting range, and fishing.

Jim and Sharon Crissinger, both USAF veterans and supporters of the Air Force Enlisted Village, honored their son-in-law Adam with a brick paver in the Garden of Hope at Bob Hope Village.

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