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Behind the Brick: Robert Ardith Johnson

For Ardith, the Garden of Hope is a special place to count her blessings

by Millie Hizer


For Ardith Johnson, the Garden of Hope is a place that reminds her of the many blessings she has had during her ninety years on Earth. Ardith, a resident of Bob Hope Village, has two, and soon to be three, bricks that she can visit at the garden.

At the beloved Garden of Hope, Ardith is able to visit a brick honoring her and her late husband Robert, a gift from their children to honor their parents. Touched by her children’s gift, Ardith showed her appreciation with a brick for her children who are all retired military personnel. “The Garden of Hope is such a beautiful place and I go over there whenever I can. Despite being in a wheelchair, I try to make an effort to go and remember those I love,” she said.


The Garden of Hope is so special to Ardith that her children commemorated her 90th birthday with an engraved brick. While the brick is yet to be placed in the garden, Ardith appreciates its value and currently enjoys displaying it in her front yard at Bob Hope Village.

In truth, the Garden of Hope is a place where many families like Ardith’s are able to remember their loved ones and the lives they lived. “I am so happy there is a place like this,” Ardith explained. “It reminds me of how happy I have been in my life.”

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