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Benevolence Fund Gives Eligible Residents in Need a Helping Hand

Thank you for caring for our Air Force surviving spouses who may need financial help

See this beautiful smile? It's especially for you.

See this beautiful smile? It’s especially for you. 

One never knows what to expect in our retirement years, however we all do our best to ensure an affordable, happy, and healthy life.

Surviving spouses of retired airmen may not have retirement funds or assets due to not working because of raising a family or low pay due to traveling from base to base. As one grows older, it is also quite possible to outlive retirement savings or medical expenses can deplete one’s savings. The Air Force Enlisted Village offers a Benevolence Fund program specifically for eligible surviving spouses of retired enlisted airmen for this reason.

The program is completely confidential and allows those in financial need to live among their peers without the stigma of subsidized housing. For some, their quality of life is greatly improved.

Your kindness and your generous gifts provide a safe, secure home for our surviving spouses in need, and for that, we can’t thank you enough.

Want to help? Donate to AFEV today, and make your gift a monthly gift to help even more. Click HERE to give. 


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