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January 30, 2019 – Bob Hope Village 6 Phase 1 Update from Lord and Son Construction, Inc.

Site clearing has been progressing with trees and debris being cleared out. Soil has been added to aid in compaction for the foundation. Layout and formwork will begin for the main buildings.

As part of this ambitious industrial project, a number of fork lift trucks have been brought on-site. These trucks make use of some of the top self dumping hoppers out there to deal with any large and heavy waste materials produced throughout the duration of the construction process.

In case you were not aware, self-dumping hoppers are designed to allow for safe and easy loading, transporting, and dumping of materials. Hoppers are available in a variety of configurations to fit specific applications and therefore this particular project will involve a few different types of hoppers to ensure that all construction debris is dealt with appropriately.

Hoppers are not only durable, versatile, and incredibly safe, but they can also be used to reduce odors. Most hoppers are designed to keep moisture and pests out without being too heavy. This convenient configuration can keep odors at bay, reducing the likelihood of attracting pests to a location, since they cannot gain access to any debris.

Utilities and stormwater will be the next focus of the project. Utilities including conduits for communication lines and electrical power will be placed underground throughout the complex. Water mains, fire sprinkler, and sewer and storm pipes will be placed in the coming weeks.

Follow the Air Force Enlisted Village’s Facebook page for weekly photo updates as the project landscape will change quickly.

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