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Sandra M. Nunes is the Administrator of Hawthorn House, the Assisted Living Facility at the Air Force Enlisted Village.

Her duties include managing a 3.3 million dollar annual budget, marketing, admissions, staffing, critical decision making, and all other aspects of operating the massive 64,000 sq ft facility.

Sandra supervises 60 staff in 4 departments in providing care to up 75 widows of retired Airmen, mothers of active duty service members, and retired military couples. The care includes, medication management, self-care, nutritional meals, and daily activities (just to name a few) and enhancing our resident health and morale.

Sandra recently retired from the United State Air Force after serving 27.5 years. Her time in the Air Force included duty stations in Texas, Turkey, Wyoming, Portugal, Arizona, Idaho, Maryland, and Mississippi. She was a pharmacy technician by trade; however, her last 10 years have been in leadership positions at the squadron and group level of Air Force hospitals.

She achieved the rank of Chief Master Sergeant in 2013 and retired 1 April 2019.

Sandra’s education includes a Bachelors’ in Health Care Administration and has vast experience and training in Emergency Response, Risk Management, and Lean Six Sigma.

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