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Here’s Why Your Gift Matters – Meet Lila

Thank you for making Lila and all our residents feel cherished

Your gift provides so much more than just a home for widows of retired enlisted Air Force members. Your gift provides basic essentials that may be taken for granted as one ages: a safe home, security, dignity, independence, and camaraderie. Your gift also gives residents the feeling of being cherished and not forgotten.

Lila says thank you for making her feel special and not forgotten.

Bob Hope Village resident, Lila, recently sent a note to our office to say thank you to the staff and to our donors.

“Through all the years I have been here, we have always been remembered on special days, even birthdays, with cards, gifts, etc. making us feel special and not forgotten.

It is difficult to express how much the remembrances are appreciated and how kind you all are to think of all of us.”

Know that YOU are giving joy to our residents and your gift really does matter.

Feeling inspired by Lila? Make a gift today by clicking here. Make your gift repeat each month and become a Hero for Hope.

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