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Thank you for keeping the goal of independence alive for so many residents


As one ages, the fear of losing independence can become a big worry. Living in a safe and secure environment like Bob Hope Village gives residents comfort. Staff is available to provide support and all residents receive a mobile medical alert pendant for safety.

“We plan activities and events for our residents but they are free to do what they like. We also call on residents when they push their medical alert pendants,” Bob Hope Village Director Sharon Behnke said. “This provides some security for our residents knowing we’re here when they need us in an emergency.”

Residents can enjoy their lives and their daily activities without the worry of living alone because of the community environment.

“We’re taught to be independent since childhood. Being able to take care of myself yet knowing staff is here gives me peace of mind,” said one Bob Hope Village resident. “Being able to do things for myself is very important. It’s empowering.”

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