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Independence is the Greatest Gift I Can Give Myself and My Children

Thank you, you make it possible for surviving spouses to live happily and assuredly in a caring community

Rosetta met Albert, a US Air Force chemical mixer, on a blind date. They married, had three children, and traveled the world with them where ever Albert’s Air Force career took them.

“Our little family grew closer with every move,” Rosetta said. “We didn’t know anyone else but each other until we all made some friends at our new base.”

Albert retired as an E6 and the family settled in his home town in Pennsylvania. Albert started his second career and continued to do what he loved so much, coach kids’ basketball. After Albert’s second retirement, he and Rosetta purchased a four story home together that Albert fixed up. And then one day, he was gone.

“We never thought about him dying,” Rosetta explained. “We treasured each year we had together. He was everything I wasn’t. And I was everything he wasn’t.”

Rosetta said it was hard for her and for their children when Albert passed. Work kept her busy, but she felt like half of her was gone.

“Life is for the living and you have to go on,” Rosetta explained.

She was happy that her husband left her a house but it became too much for to care for on her own. Shoveling snow during cold Pennsylvania winters didn’t help either.

Rosetta showed her children a video about Bob Hope Village and Hawthorn House and told them she was going there to live. Rosetta’s daughter didn’t want her to move and told her it was her duty to care for her as she aged.

“I didn’t want to be a burden to my children,” Rosetta said. “Since I was of sound mind, I wanted to make the decision as to where I would live the rest of my life and I don’t plan on moving again.”

Rosetta couldn’t be happier at Bob Hope Village where she has many friends and is busy socializing or playing Wii bowling.

“I have a good life now. It’s like a sisterhood here at Bob Hope Village,” Rosetta said. “We talk about the places we’ve lived, and we have an immediate connection.”

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