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Both Bob Hope Village and Hawthorn House maintain robust activities programs which would not be possible without the generosity of donors.
While life at both places would not be complete without regular bingo games, activities vary to suit all needs. Residents continue to be interested in technology so a touch screen computer is now available at Hawthorn House for residents to play computer games, and Wii bowling continues in popularity. For those who like to explore, outings with transportation are available, and for those who like to love on a furry friend, therapy dogs make regular visits.

Each month a schedule of activities is planned to allow residents to be as busy as they want to be. “We strive to provide a little bit of everything in the way of activities for our residents,” Hawthorn House Administrator Leigh Rice said. “It’s important to have fun at every age and we want to make sure everyone here has an opportunity to sing, dance, laugh, learn, and enjoy life to the fullest.”

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