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Physical Fitness is a Way of Life for Bob Hope Village Resident

Because of you, residents will have a health and wellness program to allow for successful aging

Ingrid moved to Bob Hope Village last August and she literally took off running by registering to run AFEV’s annual CMSAF James C. Binnicker Memorial 9K/5K/Fun Run. She completed the 9K portion of the event and medaled in her age group.

Ingrid wasn’t always a runner. She became interested in health and fitness when she gained a little weight.

“I liked walking for exercise and would take my children for walks around the base where we lived,” Ingrid said. “I wanted to show them that exercise could be fun.”

Ingrid proudly displays her medals from various 5Ks, 10Ks, and the marathon she has run in the last 20 years.

Ingrid took up running over 20 years ago after her husband passed away. “I needed to do something to get out so I started running 5K events,” she said.

She eventually worked her way from 5Ks to 10Ks, but she’s most proud of completing a marathon while living near Los Angeles, CA. “It took me all day to complete, and it was raining cats and dogs, but it was a great accomplishment for me,” Ingrid shared.

Ingrid said it’s important to stay healthy and fit to help prevent illness and she enjoys doing something for herself. Ingrid also said she enjoys healthy food but she will indulge in an occasional treat. When she’s not running, she likes to walk two miles around Bob Hope Village each day.

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