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Like most military spouses, Bob Hope Village resident Dolores says she always tried to make the best of everything and find happiness wherever her husband’s 26-year Air Force career took her and their sons.dolores-husband

“It was hard moving every three years,” Dolores said. “Nothing fit in the next house, but I
always made a home everywhere the Air Force sent us.”

Life after her husband’s retirement was enjoyable and she often went fishing with him. But
when James became ill, Dolores became his care giver.

“He said ‘don’t worry when I die, I’ll come back as a butterfly so you’ll know I’m alright’”, she shared. “When he died, I went out to the back yard and it was full of butterflies.”

Dolores said life without James was tough. She grieved for three years and says she still misses him. Dolores’ son gave her a butterfly necklace that she wears as a daily reminder of James.

When she began having medical problems and her sons were living out of state, she found it difficult to take care of her house.

“It wasn’t fair to my neighbors that my house wasn’t being kept up,” Dolores said. “I was always worrying about the house. There was always something to worry about.”

Dolores learned about Bob Hope Village from the Patrick AFB newspaper. She arrived six years ago and says she wakes up happy every day.

“These are the happiest years of my life,” Dolores said. She likes to stay busy and enjoys volunteering within the Bob Hope Village community.

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