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Staying Fit Is Important for All Residents

Because of you, residents have a home, camaraderie, and access to fitness activities so they can live a healthy life

Staying fit and healthy is important but having fun while participating in fitness activities is necessary for participation. Residents have more options for fun fitness programs and exercise classes than ever before with weekly beginner and advanced line dancing classes, seated Tai Chi, Latin Cardio, Zumba Gold, and new this year Hula lessons will be offered. Exercise classes are also great for socializing.

There are a number of benefits to fitness activities. Physical activity helps reduce the risk of developing or the delay of many diseases. It can help with staying strong and balance to prevent falls. Fitness activities can also help with improving mood and ongoing activity may help reduce feelings of depression.

We’re committed to bringing fitness activities to our residents to help them live a healthy life at Bob Hope Village.

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