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Update: Irma Evacuees at Bob Hope Village On Hold

Thank you to everyone for your speedy support


Shalimar, Florida (September 8, 2017, 10:55 AM CST) – The uncertain path of Hurricane Irma has caused the planned evacuations to Bob Hope Village to be put on hold. More to follow as the situation develops.

“We appreciate the assistance from our community partners. It is wonderful to see the compassion and generosity of our friends and neighbors. We currently have enough resources and donations at the time,” Air Force Enlisted Village President and CEO Brooke McLean said.

“Our initial notification from the Agency for Health Care Administration was asking for short term evacuation assistance for 60-75 residents plus staff from other assisted living facilities in Florida.  We made immediate preparations to assist and set up a temporary shelter in the Gates Welcome building at Bob Hope Village,” McLean explained.

“As the day developed and the storm track shifted, the assisted living facilities made other arrangements which required less transportation and less stress on their residents. That is a good thing.  We were happy to be a resource to the state and community. We’re currently on standby if needs change and will be ready. ”

Some of the supplies the Air Force Enlisted Village has received to support Irma evacuees. The local community has been very generous with monetary donations and supplies.

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